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Collect user feedback
and fix bugs 10x faster

Make iteration easier with visual feedback, precise bug and issue tracking, and feature validation.

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Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback


Product launch success


Management time


Bug remediation time

Loved by teams around the world

Exactly what you need, all in one place.

Ditch the email, spreadsheet and manual process. Put everything in one place to streamline internal and external collaboration.

Collect high-context feedback

Collect more of what counts with in-app or onsite visual feedback, micro-surveys, and a community feature portal.

Fix bugs faster

Push bug and issue tracking directly to developer workflows with console logs, session replays, browser insights and more. 

Validate new feature ideas

Collect new product ideas, and validate existing ones directly with users, and  populate your roadmap tools with winning ideas. 

Understand how your users feel. See what your users see.

Collect regular feedback from users and have the confidence to make better product decisions for happier customers.

Flexible collection in one tool

Start collecting in minutes with ready-to-use templates or try the no-code Browser Extension.

Add context with Screen Annotations, trigger behaviour based Micro-Surveys, and deliver the information to product and developer teams instantly with the full context teams need.

Enhance your product and website feedback

Bug & issue tracking, but faster

Speed release cycles and bug fixes by enriching every piece of feedback. Combine Session Replay, and console logs and error logs with session information containing browser, OS, resolution, DPI and more to give your testers and developers everything they need, first time.

Speed your bug and issue tracking

"It is really easy to set the Userback widget on your product, customize how it looks, and link it with whatever other tool you like. It is also extremely straightforward from the end user's perspective"

Create & validate product ideas

Create public Feature Portals and let users create, vote and comment on winning ideas. Launch Micro-Survey’s to extend idea testing and fill your roadmap tool with winning ideas.

Validate your product ideas

User feedback management

Bring everything together to power collaboration efforts. Add User Identification to quickly assess feedback on your Kanban board, and deliver feedback to existing worfklows instantly with helpful Integrations for a 2X feedback action rate from day one.

Improve your feedback management