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Product Launch Success

Boost the likelihood of product success by 35%

From design to delivery, make better product decisions with clarity and confidence by capturing, prioritizing and actioning feedback from your users.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

Join thousands of other teams improving product launches with Userback


Makes it easy to get feedback from early saas users. Easy and impressive way for users to provide feedback


Amazing for any SaaS or a Software Development Company. The major selling point for us was that it natively integrated with Teamwork


It’s a complete package. It is hands down the best option on the market whilst still being the most affordable

Give your users what they need first time, every time.

Don’t leave your launch strategy to guesswork and assumptions! At every stage of the product development lifecycle, Userback gives you the insights you need to launch a better product in less time.

Inform and validate your product strategy

Build user-centric products based on richer user insights. Create public feature portals and let paying users inform your product roadmap. Eliminate gut-feel decisions and build what users want from the start.

Reduce cycle times

Provide precise feedback throughout development, QA and UAT stages pre-launch, improving software quality and dramatically reduce your time to launch, and associated product costs.

Connect product and market-fit

Add new features paying customers have voted on and ensure new releases meet market expectation and requirements.