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Great products never stop.

Faster fixes and feature delivery.

Join over 20,000 product teams who love Userback for web application optimization

Loved by SaaS teams for web application optimization

Product development doesn’t stop at launch.

We help product managers streamline application optimization and manage bugs and feature requests 42% faster.

Launch targeted surveys.

Create targeted In-App Surveys to understand what users really want changed. Collect feedback and insights from users to inform your application optimization.

application optimization

Understand ‘why’.

Understand why user sentiment changes and find friction points to nail your UI/UX with timestamped Session Replays.

Watch replays of customer satisfaction score and CSAT surveys

Capture bug reports in-app.

Allow users to easily submit detailed visual bug reports ‘on-the-fly’ in your app or website. Collect the insights and details your teams need to action feedback faster and improve application optimization.

Deliver feedback into your workflows.

Automatically push user feedback into the tools your teams love and ditch siloed information with Userback’s integrations such as Slack, Jira, ClickUp and many more.