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Install Userback code-free browser extension

With Userback you can capture high-context visual feedback with screenshots and annotations, review user sessions for actionable insights, collaborate seamlessly with your team, level up your development game, and incorporate user feedback into your existing workflows.

There are two ways that you can collect user feedback using Userback. In this article we’re going to take a quick look at these two options and the use cases for using one method or the other.

Install the widget to collect feedback on your own website from any user

When you install the widget code on your website or web application, all your users will see a ‘feedback’ button on your website. When they click it a pop-up appears allowing them to submit the types of feedback you specify when you set-up your widget.

To install the widget on a website you simply need to add the widget code in the source code of your webpage (before the closing </head> or </body> tag. It literally takes a few minutes to install the code and set up your widget.

Once you have installed the widget users can submit feedback such as bug reports, feature requests and general comments annotated screenshots, video and audio, all of which you can review and manage through your userback dashboard and Feature Portal.

With no coding knowledge required, your users can download, install, start using the extension and submit feedback in no time.

Install the code-free browser extension to get even more out of Userback for other use cases

The main use case for installing the Userback widget is when you want to gather visual feedback from any user from any page of your website.

But there are many other use cases for gathering visual feedback where Userback can help, even if you can’t install the widget. For example:

  • You want to collect feedback from a third party website
    You may be doing a review of a competitor’s website or collecting ideas and inspiration for your next round of features or product design;
  • You only want to invite specific people to provide feedback
    Rather than opening up to all users, you only want members of your own team to provide feedback, for example Quality Assurance (QA) or User Acceptance Testing (UAT);

In these situations you and your team can install Userback’s code-free browser extension which integrates directly into your browser, allowing you to provide feedback effortlessly from any website or web application you’re browsing. With no coding knowledge required, your users can download, install, start using the extension and submit feedback in no time.

Userback code-free browser extension

Once you’ve completed the setup and logged in, collecting feedback from any website becomes a breeze. Simply navigate to the page you wish to provide feedback on and click the Userback extension in your browser.

Install Userback Browser Extension for Chrome, Firefox and EdgeThere is a Userback browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

From there, you can gather visual feedback and streamline the feedback process:

Capture ⚡ Lightning-Fast Screenshots

When you install Userback’s code-free browser extension you can take a screenshot of an entire page with just one click… not just the viewport, but the whole page, from top to bottom, saving precious time that you may otherwise have to spend stitching together screenshots. That one feature has been a revelation for some of the team here at Userback!

You can also capture the contents of a specific tab or select a page area for ultra-precise feedback and to make things even faster, you can quickly take a screenshot from your browser’s context menu. Just right-click and go.

Install the Userback browser extension to record video across multiple pages

Installing the Userback browser extension also allows you to record video across multiple pages, which is perfect when tracking issues for bug reporting and user acceptance testing where you need to highlight how an issue may be occurring across more than one page on a website.

Use Extension Keys to let anyone add feedback to your project once they have installed Userback’s browser extension

If you are a registered user of a Userback Account you can log in with your Userback Credentials, or if you want to give access to temporary clients to provide feedback you can issue them with an Extension Key code to log in.

We’ve made it super easy for you and your team to get started with Userback’s browser extension. They simply sign in and can immediately send feedback to the projects they have access to.

If you want to collect feedback from users and testers who are not registered users of a Userbacjk account they can still use the browser extension. Simply provide them with a secure extension key to your project and then revoke access when the project is complete.


In conclusion, whether you are collecting general feedback from users on your website or gathering visual feedback from any website for a specific purpose, Userback’s got you covered. Install the widget or install the browser extension to start collecting and managing feedback in a matter of minutes.

If you haven;tried using the browser extension yet, download it now for your preferred browser:

If you’d like to learn more about the Userback browser extension and how to install it, check out this help article.

About Userback

Founded in Australia in 2016, Userback is a market-leading user feedback platform helping 20,000+ software teams to understand what customers need so they can build better web applications, faster.  

Userback streamlines and automates the realtime in-app collection, evaluation and management of visual feedback and contextual surveys. Userback can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated into existing business workflows to allow product managers and developers to validate ideas, optimize product-market fit, refine roadmaps, prioritize features, fix bugs and deliver value with greater insight, impact and efficiency. 

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