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“Trying to work out what the client was referring to was so confusing and time consuming! We’d waste time trying to find the page or element they were referring to, only to find someone had already fixed it.”

Andy Pudmenzky

Director – Big Budda Boom

Userback feedback was the answer when old school user feedback techniques impacted Big Boom Buddy’s ability to analyze and action.

The Problem

“Wasting time by managing client feedback over email.”

Big Budda Boom is a multimedia and design studio that offers a full range of creative, event and multimedia services. With a promise to deliver quality, cost-effective results that are both on time and on budget, the team works hard to communicate with customers and respond quickly to their feedback.

However, with no customer feedback tool to collect and manage feedback in one place, Big Budda Boom relied on email chains and Microsoft Word docs to keep track of client feedback. It was very difficult to know the status of client’s feedback, or even know which team member was supposed to be handling it.

Plus a reliance on email made it very difficult for clients to give contextual feedback on different types of media like audio, video, and graphic designs. The feedback process was very time-consuming and often required multiple interactions before the team felt confident that they understood exactly what clients meant.

The Solution: Userback feedback

“Userback simplifies the entire client feedback process.”

For each client project, Big Budda Boom relies on Userback feedback to collect and manage client insights. Userback simplifies the whole process by giving clients a user-friendly way to provide contextual feedback directly on the page. With Userback feedback, Big Budda Boom no longer do clients to write lengthy emails and struggle to explain what they mean. Now they just use their mouse to point and click, and then add comments directly in their browser, whether it’s for a video, graphic design, or a webpage.

Once feedback is received, the right team member gets notified and is able to quickly view their client’s feedback. By assigning tasks and ask managing all client feedback within Userback, the whole team is running more efficiently as they can quickly see the tasks assigned to them, along with the status of each client feedback. So it’s really easy to move through feedback, assign tasks and see what’s left to do.

“Allowing clients to click on the designs and show us exactly what they’re referring to has completely changed the way we manage client feedback. Clients add comments, we reply, mark things as resolved, or assign it to a team member for action. We’ve been so impressed with Userback. I’m not joking when I say it’s saved us hours of time! It means we can push our projects from staging to production so much faster. No more pesky Word documents or convoluted email chains!”

Andy Pudmenzky

Director – Big Budda Boom