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During the product development lifecycle for SaaS, eCommerce or any kind of web application, you’ll know how hard it can be to get things done when the organizational isn’t fully on-board with what you need to achieve.

In a recent The Product Perspective podcast, Userback CEO Jon Tobin spoke with product development specialist Casey Brown about overcoming the challenges of gaining organizational buy-in, aligning project objectives with stakeholder expectations and reducing stress in high pressure situations.

This video is an extract from the full interview during which Casey highlights how to engage effectively with stakeholders and teams during the product development lifecycle.

Casey Brown - Product Development Specialist

Key takeouts

There’s no single ‘true’ way to work within each different organizational structure. Each company has its own way of working. Sometimes the engineering team can be on the same floor in the same building or sometimes thay may be half the world away in a total different timezone.

Communication is key and ensuring that everyone has easy access to the relevant information they need if you are uncontactable.

If people are working across different tools — such as Asana, Jira and traditional ticketing — then you need to agree upon a single source of truth. You also need to use integrations to ensure every tool and every team member is working off the same information.

Remove any ambiguity so that developers and other team members not only understand exactly what is required, they also understand why it is required.

How Userback can help you get organizational buy-in during product development

Userback is a market-leading user feedback platform helping 20,000+ software teams to understand what users need so they can build better web applications, faster.

  • Give developers instant access to all the information that they need to deliver features and fixes faster including annotated visual feedback from users, session replay videos and relevant system, user and session information (automatically captured in the background).
  • Use the feature portal to keep everyone on the same page and prioritize activities by letting users see what features are coming and vote for the ones that will add the most value for them. Manage bug reports, feature requests and other feedback within the Userback dashboard or seamlessly incorporate them into your existing workflows with off-the-shelf integrations and customized webhooks.
  • Ultimately Userback removes ambiguity and brings the end user closer to the product manager and the developers, even during complex product development and multi-tiered team structures.

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