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“Userback streamlines the feedback process for every website and web application that we develop for our clients. Our whole team loves it!”

Marcin Ruman

Founder – Emersoft

What do you do when feedback processing becomes an issue? Emerson faced just such a problem and found their solution in Userback…

The Problem

“We were collecting customer feedback via email and it was very time-consuming for our team.”

Emersoft is a digital agency that empowers businesses to build effective web interfaces, improve end-user experience, and drive more revenue. As a remote team with customers across the globe, Emersoft knows how important it is to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to managing feedback on their client projects.

However, with no central tool for managing feedback, the team was relying on email to collect feedback on their projects from both internal stakeholders and end-clients. It was really difficult to keep track of feedback and inefficient at testing products that the Emersoft team had built causing feedback processing times to balloon out.

The team had to use multiple bug reporting tools to report issues, which was very time-consuming for their teams feedback processing efforts. Even worse was that bug reports and other issues were difficult to resolve as they lacked important session information like the browser version, screen size, and operating system. This meant that a lot of back-and-forth communication was required before the developers could properly start work on resolving bugs. On average, it would take 30 minutes per tickets to properly document and get the team on board.

The Solution

“Streamlined feedback workflows have resulted in compounding savings for our business.”

After testing multiple bug reporting tools and different software providers, the team at Emersoft chose Userback. With Userback, the team are now able to streamline their testing operations and collect feedback as they develop web applications for their clients directly reducing the feedback processing times and improving satisfaction with internal teams and external stakeholders.

The whole team is now set up with Userback and they’re using it for every website and web application that they develop. With Userback as their visual bug reporting tool, the team are able to instantly understand bugs as they are reported, and have all the information they need to resolve issues faster.

In particular, Userback’s Browser Extension has made the whole team’s feedback processing workflow lightning-fast as it provides a no-code solution to reporting bugs, feedback, and other issues from any web page. Additionally, the Emersoft team have integrated Userback with their company Discord account so anytime they receive a new ticket, it gets pushed to a specific project channel. This helps to save time and keep everyone updated, even though they are spread across three different continents as a remote company.

Processing each ticket now takes 5 minutes or less with Userback, plus compounding savings from the eliminated spend on time-consuming back-and-forth communication.

“Userback is a great product that is constantly developing and the team offers amazing customer support. We are very grateful to the whole Userback team for their support and for helping us get to the next level!”

Marcin Ruman

Founder – Emersoft