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It’s been an exciting year for Userback: 

  • 4 new features
  • 2 new integrations
  • 1 re-brand and new website
  • 28 blog posts
  • 50+ small improvements and fixes
  • 9 new “Userbacks” joined the team
  • Rated #1 Bug Tracking Platform by G2
  • 1,081,410 feedback items reported through Userback

Fix bugs faster with Session Replays

We kicked off the new year with the launch of Session Replays because we saw so many software teams struggling with two key challenges:

  • Understanding what user’s mean by their feedback;
  • Quickly finding and fixing bugs in your web apps.

Session Replays allow developers to see bugs and other issues through the eyes of users, dramatically reducing the time it takes to understand and replicate an issue. It’s a real game-changer for so many teams — no more back-and-forth with customers trying to understand their feedback.

Every piece of feedback submitted automatically has a session replay attached to it containing all the detailed user data, system information, plus a replay ‘video’ that shows exactly what was happening in the build up to the bug and when it actually occurred. Unlike a video recording, which literally records a user’s screen, a Session Replay is a reproduction of a user’s interactions on your site exactly how they experienced it. It takes all the logged user events, like mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, page visits etc, and puts them together into a reproduction of what the user actually did on the site.

No more contacting the user to try to understand what was going on, you get all the information you need right there, it’s the closest you can get to actually being the user!

You can turn on Session Replay today in your widget settings.

Session Replay

Know your user

User Identification seamlessly identifies your users and allows you to automatically tie feedback, feature requests, and bug reports back to individual users and to group them based on who they are and what they’ve done in your application.

Follow this help article  to implement User Identification

User Identification

Give your users a voice with the Feedback Portal

In April we launched the Feedback Portal which allows you to collect and organize feedback like feature requests and invite users to vote and comment on them to show you what really matters to them. The Feedback Portal:

  • Makes it easier for you to prioritize features and fixes;
  • Saves time by managing user feedback in a central place;
  • Collects more feedback and ideas from your users via an elegant interface;
  • Ensures better product decisions by allowing the best ideas to rise to the top;
  • Can be branded with your own logo and URL.

To get started, simply click here to activate your Feedback Portal

Status Board

It’s not all about automation!

As much as we love automating the user feedback process, in June 2022 we introduced a manual feature! We were asked “What if I’m given feedback over the phone, by email, or in person?”, so we made it easy to add feedback, including pasted images, manually.

Simply Open Feedback in Userback, Click the + button on the top right corner and Fill in the Add Feedback form; expand the session info section to add your reporter’s details.

Add Feedback Manually

#1 for Bug Tracking

In August we were really excited to be named as The #1 Platform for Bug Tracking by G2. Here’s the most recent feedback: “It is really easy to set the Userback widget on your product, customize how it looks, and link it with whatever other tool you like. It is also extremely straightforward from the end user’s perspective – even non tech-savvy users take advantage of it to report issues or make suggestions for our platform.”

Read more on G2

Userback gets a facelift

In September we updated our logo and the look and feel of our brand.

Streamline user feedback management through integrations with Notion and Linear

You can now automatically push feedback and product ideas to Notion and Linear automatically by feedback type, or use the “Send to” button inside the Feedback viewer in Userback. You can also sync your issue status in Userback from Linear.

Learn more about our:

A new generation of self service and learning resources: Userback Docs

October saw the launch of Userback Docs, a wide range of technical content from our experts to help you get started, continue learning and make the most of how Userback can help to streamline and automate the management of user feedback from collection to closure.

Visit Userback Docs

Create infinite possibilities with Advanced Webhooks

The introduction of Advanced Webhooks allows you to receive HTTP push notifications whenever data is created or updated. This allows you to build integrations on top of Userback, creating almost infinite possibilities for building visual user feedback collection and   management into your workflows and processes.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Webhooks and get started

Userback Webhooks

Manage feedback with friends! Check out Workspaces for teams.

Userback Workspaces streamline the management of user feedback for teams who need to

  • Collaborate on bugs, requests and comments across multiple projects;
  • Automate workflows and integrations;
  • Reduce administration and overheads.

Click here to learn more and to set up your Userback Workspace

Looking for a good book to read these holidays?

There’s no time like the holidays to sit down for a good read, and this one’s a real thriller! Untangle The User Feedback Knot is the tale of a feedback loop that loses its way, unravels a bit and becomes tangled in a frustrating feedback knot… but things do get better and there is a happy ending!

Download the ebook here

eBook - Untangle the User Feedback Knot

New features you’ll see 2023

We’re already ramping up with some more great new features and functionality lined up for the new year, such as:

  • Intercom Integration
  • Triggered Surveys
  • Feedback Automation
  • And so much more…

You can check out what’s coming on our own Feedback Portal — feel free to share your thoughts and vote for your favorite features!

Whether you’re having time off or if you’re working through we hope you have a great Christmas.

Happy holidays!