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Today, Userback announces an upgrade to a new, fully native Intercom integration now available on the Intercom App Store.

Intercom users capturing customer support requests, sales and general chat via the Intercom bot, can now consolidate user feedback into the same great user experience by allowing the same feature-rich user feedback submissions directly via the intercom window where web app or web site visitors already interact.

Userback Intercom integration advantages:

This new integration makes use of intercom’s familiarity with your app or site visitors and offers Userback and Intercom users key benefits including:

  1. Streamlining feedback: Overall user experience can be improved easier than ever by putting your Userback feedback submission with the #1 chat platform and creating a common communication space for all your web application and website feedback. By combining Userback and Intercom, visitors and app users will no longer have to chat in one interface, whilst providing feedback in another. That means fewer barriers to submission and more frequent feedback.
  2. Targeted/Triggered requests: Create a more active feedback process by creating triggered requests via intercoms pop-up functionality on high-value pages and app feature sections  to drive more quality feedback.
  3. Support Teams typically don’t have easy access to the different tools where feedback resides. By putting Userback into the conversation, CS can provide better customer service and respond to customers faster.

Get the full picture when supporting customers (including their unresolved issues), this saves time for your customer support teams by making all the customer’s feedback available in one place.

Act now and improve your customer experience and help CS work smarter, and resolve feedback faster with Userback for Intercom.

Visit the Intercom App Store now