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“We used to spend 2-3 hours every week reviewing customer feedback and trying to work out what to do with it. Now with Userback it takes less than 10 minutes. It fits perfectly into our workflow!”

Peter Van Dijk

CTO – Vision6

The Problem

“Wasting time managing customer feedback, instead of acting on it.”

As a leading software company in the email marketing industry, Vision6 knows what it takes to be customer-centric.

Known for its outstanding customer support, Vision6 takes every opportunity to interact with customers and collects customer feedback via its website, web application, and customer support team.

However with no central tool for managing customer feedback, the product team was wasting hours each week trying to organize feedback, instead of actually acting on it. Feedback was scattered across different tools and would often end up in email chains and spreadsheets that had little context and were hard to understand.

The Solution: Reviewing customer feedback

“All customer feedback is managed in the same place.”

Userback has become the central tool that Vision6 uses to collect and manage customer feedback. By adding the Userback feedback widget to its website and application, Vision6 customers can give visual feedback from any page.

Gone are the days of handling feedback over email and spreadsheets. All feedback comes directly to Userback with screenshots, annotations and browser information. So it’s easy for developers and designers to see exactly what customers are saying when Vision6 is reviewing customer feedback. The product team is immediately notified of new feedback and workflows are used to categorize feedback and resolve it in the same way they would any other task.

Userback has been so successful in helping the product team in managing and reviewing customer feedback, that the marketing team is now using it as well. The company recently redesigned its website and used Userback to collect internal feedback from the team at each stage of the design process.

“Userback is amazing! We used to rely on spreadsheets for managing internal feedback on our website improvements. With Userback though it’s so much easier. It’s saved us hours of work and streamlined reviewing customer feedback with our website re-design!”

Jess Pantalleresco

CMO – Vision6