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November 21, 2022 saw Userback release major updates to its workspace management platform to make it easier to manage multiple workspace instances under one account, and to make sure it’s large-team ready.

Software teams are using agency and contract workers more and more for website and app development, as well as making use of dynamic team assignments across different products or web projects. Being limited to managing one Workspace per account does not facilitate these ways of working in larger or more distributed teams and projects. So we fixed it. From today, all plans will include the ability to manage multiple Workspaces from a single email, and users can now be invited to join multiple Workspaces by Workspace administrators. 

With this new capability, teams will be able to:

  • Join multiple Workspaces using a single email.
  • Add and remove access to specific workspaces with a single click.
  • Manage all payment plans via a unified email, like Accounts Payable. 
  • Reduce administrative overhead.

Your Userback account will already be functioning within a Workspace after sign up. Within that single Workspace, multiple projects give you delineation between the areas of feedback you collect and manage for an individual app or web project. When you are part of a larger or more distributed team with multiple products and web projects, separating concerns by Workspace makes a lot of sense for cross-collaboration, permission management, and administration.

As a Product Manager or Account Owner, you will now have the ability to manage billing and administration more conveniently and remove the need for you to associate multiple email accounts. Adding new members to your workspaces is as simple as clicking a button within Userback, and just as easily removing access after project or contract completion.

For developers, now that you can be part of a single account, you will be able to see all workspaces previously under different accounts so that you can more easily move from one project to another and collaborate with other developers to speed up the remediation process.

Furthermore, this new release gives Userback users the ability to add Workspace-specific URLs to their projects so that their branding is more consistent with their Workspaces, in addition to supporting easier link sharing.

Learn more about the new workspace features.