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Feedback Lifecycle Phase One

Capture and collect feedback

Gather valuable, insightful and actionable user feedback with a consistent and efficient collection process.

Get all the information you need first time, every time

Userback ensures you get contextual and visual clarity every time a user submits bug reports, feature requests and other feedback, all easily viewed and managed in a dedicated portal. This allows you to make and prioritize product decisions based on real insights and evidence without having to rely on guesswork or gutfeel.

Set the standard

Let your users provide standardized bug reports, feature requests and general feedback ‘on the fly’ without leaving your app.

Feedback types are consistent, predictably in one place, and with the visual and technical context you need to resolve bugs or action the feedback. Easy for users, easy for you.

Learn more about Screen Annotations

Stop pushing

Start ‘pulling in’ feedback rather than ‘pushing out’ or chasing surveys to collect it.

Chasing user needs and feedback at the required pace for the speed of business today is a nearly impossible task. Flip feedback from outbound to inbound with a healthy feedback channel of ideas, priorities, screen grabs and videos of the user’s experience.

Javascript API

Customize how users give you feedback from inside your web applications.

Discover Javascript API

Browser Extensions

Capture lightning-fast feedback from any web page with annotated screenshots and video recordings.

Learn about extensions

Hear more from users

Get a more accurate representation of what your actual user base needs.

Let your users provide input and ideas into your product, and show their priorities through upvoting. Collect it all in a dedicated portal where you can build loyalty and community at the same time.

The fact that I don't have to schedule multiple review meetings, go back and fort emails of emails and text just make sure I understand what the feed is before investing hours on changes that could be hit or miss.

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