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You’re a busy bee. Discover what matters. Build what counts.

Product teams are busy bees… Collect user feedback, validate ideas, and assign for action all in one place and crush your goals this year.

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Helping 1000's of product managers validate, prioritize, and deliver.

Simplify your entire feedback lifecycle with a single platform

Capture and collect high-context, visual feedback directly from your web apps and websites instantly. Gather new ideas, validate existing feature plans, or find and fix bugs faster.
Assess and prioritize feedback simply based on frequency, community interaction or detailed customer support plan information attached to every piece of feedback.
Assign and action automatically push actionable feedback directly into existing workflows with powerful integrations and let teams work their way with zero extra effort while updating your central feedback platform.
Follow-up and close feedback one-to-one, or one to many with your own feedback portal and public roadmap. Populate and update your portal automatically as your team accepts, actions and closes feedback.

Userback is simple and intuitive, it’s a no code user feedback platform that product managers can own and run without ongoing developer support. We were up and running in under two hours. It’s
just really easy.

AVIV MIZRAHIProduct Manager @

Validate Ideas

Hear from users directly with rich, contextual feedback and gather information on what your users want. Increase active user count, improve session duration, and crush those user engagement KPIs by giving users higher value features they actually ask for!

Find and fix bugs faster

Stop the guessing games and your developer back and forth with ambiguous feedback. Get visual feedback, complete with session information to help speed testing and velocity, improve defect detection effectiveness and crush your product quality KPIs by fixing bugs in half the time during QA, UAT and post-release windows.

Eliminate noise

Stop stretching yourself too thing and being pulled in a thousand different directions. Prioritize your users and streamline the product roadmap with high value feature builds that will help crush your customer satisfaction KPIs sooner.

Drive product fit and product revenue

Reduce development cycles with increased focus on your highest rated feature requests. Reduce churn, increase average revenue per user and crush your business performance KPIs.





Collect & capture

Feedback widget

Annotated screenshots

Video feedback

Feedback triggers

Unlimited reporters

Browser extension

Native browser screenshot

Custom collection fields

JavaScript widget API

Assess & prioritize

Export data

User identification

Unlimited session replay

Console logs

Event tracking

Custom data

Assign & action

Workflow customization


Team collaboration


Follow-up & close

Private feedback portal

Automated notifications

Public feedback portal

Public roadmap

Easy administration


Privacy controls

Custom branding

Invoice payment

Remove ‘Powered by’ logo

Implementation support

REST API – Coming soon!