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In-App Feedback

Capture feedback at the source

Enable your users to provide real-time visual feedback ‘on-the-fly’ without leaving your site or web-app

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Collect bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback, together

Tired of sifting through emails, recalling phone conversations, or sorting notes and scribbles? Collect it all in a single location and get feedback from your users without them ever having to leave your app. Create the highest quality, with the lowest effort thanks to Userback’s in-app feedback capability.

Userback has helped streamline our team's QA processes. We work with lots of clients and have many cross-team projects so it’s been a breath of fresh air having all QA in the one place. I particularly love how easy it is to check once feedback has been completed.

Amy WaddellSenior Digital Designer – DigiStorm

Simple for users, powerful for teams

Speed up your development lifecycle and product decisions with fast, simple, and robust tooling.

Traditional surveys and interviews are time-consuming and hard to manage. Userback’s feedback tool is fast, simple, and robust whether you’re a small or large distributed team. Collect feedback directly within your app or website and make it easy to get the feedback you need to make informed product decisions.

See Userback in action

Install effortlessly

Integrate the widget in under 5 minutes and instantly collect better user feedback with JavaScript API, React and Vue application options, or use the Browser Extension for the simplest setup experience possible.

No specialist skills or steep learning curves required. Just a plug-and-play feedback platform capable of managing the entire feedback lifecycle.

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