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Screen Annotation

Get richer user insights for features and fixes

Let users enhance their feedback with notes and scribbles on visual and video screen grabs, so your product team has all the background detail they need for features and fixes.

Accurate feedback now means less back-and-forth later

Vague feedback is time-consuming to understand and resolve. Visual context provides a precise description to accelerate triage of software bugs. Screen annotations get clear feedback from your user to your developer team via Userback’s robust integrations with no additional effort… Add notes, highlights, and other visual cues to your screen and provide a more concrete and specific representation of your thoughts.

Collect feedback simply

Make it easy for your users to give you feedback. Make it easy for your team to interpret feedback. Userback Screen Annotation feature works across any device and any browser to give you and your users the ultimate flexibility to provide insightful feedback instantly. It’s the perfect companion to Video Recording.

Say hello to improved feedback!

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