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Session Replay

See bugs through the eyes of your users

View the exact steps that cause issues and understand the impact on UX with detailed visual recordings of user actions leading up to problems or bugs.

From browser version to screen resolution – get the info you need to work without the fuss

End the broken communication loop between developers and users. Supercharge your time to resolution by giving your teams all the information they need to solve the problem from the start – without the extra email or call.

Don’t take a stab in the dark

Re-creating issues is hard. Avoid the pain by viewing bugs as they occur with detailed insights into user behaviors and technology. Stop burning development cycles only to end with a ‘Close ticket: Cannot recreate’ finale.

Session replay provides detailed insights into user behaviors that lead to the bug, captured with high clarify video and delivered to your developers’ digital doorstop. Perfectly paired with User Insights.

Check out User Insights

Privacy protection included

Mask sensitive information with privacy protection controls. Stay compliant and minimize your business risk by removing sensitive information from your feedback collection process in a few simple, intuitive clicks that’ll have you and your users submitting and distributing feedback with total confidence.

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