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Software Feature Requests

Prioritize the features that users will love

Know what users need so you can build the features that add true value.

Cut out the guesswork

If your product is going to meet the needs of users, you have to know what they want. The best people to tell you this are your users themselves! Engage your customer base to get understand what features they actually want so you can drive adoption, improve satisfaction and reduce churn.

Give every user a voice

When you collect user feedback you often only hear from those people who are highly passionate about your product — they really love it or they’re really frustrated. But just because someone is ‘shouting’ louder than others doesn’t mean their feedback is more valid (although you may need to manage them more carefully)!

Collecting diverse 360° user feedback creates greater opportunity for developing a Product Roadmap that meets the needs of a wider range of people, while strengthening user community. The easier you make it for users to provide feedback, the more comments and suggestions you’ll get to validate product decisions. At the same time these interactions will help to grow your user community.

Put user feedback where it counts

Create effective feedback cycles by choosing a software feature tool capable of centralizing feedback and managing it – from collection to closure. Let users submit software feature feedback in seconds, screen and prioritize it and have it delivered directly to where you work through powerful integrations.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Userback can be easily integrated with the tools you already use and love, putting user feedback right at the heart of your team’s workflows and product development lifecycle. If you need to a specific integration you can design custom workflows with webhooks.

Check out all the integrations

Saves time, improves communication. It's by far the best tool out there for acquiring visual feedback on our websites.

Shane B.Founder

Elegant, simple, and great value for money. UserBack is a must-look-at for anyone in need of a feedback tool.

JP SProduct Manager

Amazing for any SaaS or Software Development Company. I love the software... and the support is always amazing.

Naveen D.Assistant Manager

Easy and practical to use tool for both bug tracking and customer feedback.

Adrian C.QA Manager

The software is customizable. We use "status" for issue and bug tracking, moving tickets into sprints, beta and live, and the backlog.

Jess W.Digital Project Manager

Userback has quickly become a critical tool for external and internal users to provide feedback. Internal staff LOVE the ease of use and improved workflow.

Kenton S.Technology Supervisor
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