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Know what users really think.

Match user sentiment and action in one place.

Customer Research

Join over 20,000 product teams improving customer research with Userback

Monitor CX benchmarks.

Track key metrics like CSAT & NPS with In-App Surveys to easily understand customer research benchmarks.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Userback

Measure the impact.

Easily create customer research programs and measure the real-world impact of product changes.

application optimization

Improve self-serve content.

Ask for customer feedback when users interact with help content and highlight the knowledge gaps faster.

All your customer research in one place.

Create a flexible home for all your customer research. From CS documents, to surveys, feature ideas and community conversation.

manage bugs and issues

“It is really easy to set the Userback widget on your product, customize how it looks, and link it with whatever other tool you like. It is also extremely straightforwad from the end user’s perspective.”

Lora Kostova


“Userback’s features provide a ton of value to our business. It makes collecting feedback super simple.”

Brian Leimone


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