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Customer Research

Know what users really think with realtime research

Get the specific insights and suggestions you need from users to improve app and website experience and satisfaction ratings.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

"Just getting feedback from your website's visitors, your real end-users, has never been so care free."



Collect the insights you need to accelerate growth

Close CX gaps by collecting and analyzing their thoughts

Revolutionize your customer experience delivering and tracking key metrics like Customer Satisfaction Scores with survey programs from Userback and benchmark users real thoughts effortlessly.

Create products user love and buy

Test and measure product design and feature ideas effortlessly by pinning feature ideas within your Feature Portal and allow users to vote and comment so you can make winning decisions backed by data to deliver better software.

Create and deliver surveys in minutes

Design, deploy and start collecting user survey feedback directly within web applications and websites via Userback micro surveys with ease. No additional code necessary.


More on customer research, best practices, guides, tips, tools and more with Userback’s Userversity

Keep your product roadmap on track during product development

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Untangle the user feedback knot

If what users think is important to your ability to create and maintain a product or service that people need (and love), then user feedback is the lifeblood of your product lifecycle. But how good are you at collecting, managing and resolving that feedback?

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