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Product Idea Creation & Feature Validation

Make smarter product decisions

Put your users at the heart of everything you do: know what they really need, validate features and prioritize ideas with clarity and confidence.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

“We love how Userback helps our team to be on top of their game regarding client feedback and team communication. We love how quickly Userback turns around new features and how they listen to their community to improve/expand their solution.”


Base your product decisions on actual user need.

Understand who did what, when and why

With User Identification, enrich feedback with data from your CRM, ERP and other tools to capture info like user names, account ID, and billing plan to provide greater context and better decision making.

Highlight feedback from high-value accounts faster and action the feedback that matters most.

Generate and validate user-centric ideas

Deliver Micro-Surveys in-app or directly on websites to better understand user needs and expectations. Accelerate validation of user or internally created product ideas. Know with certainty which future product ideas should make the roadmap with more user votes, in less time.

Centralize, socialize and prioritize features

Userback’s easy-to-use Feature Portal allows product teams to capture and share new and existing feature ideas in a public (or private) forum to bring insight that drives your product strategy forward.

Open ideas up for user commentary and voting to fill your favourite product roadmap tool with winning ideas.


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