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User Insights

Make better product decisions based on richer user insights

Collect more feedback and manage it more effectively to get the information and data you need to drive product success.

Bolster feedback with user information

When looking at feedback, it’s important to know who it’s coming from. Userback User Insights provides a seamless experience for your users so you can get the best feedback possible. Identify and append custom user data in existing feedback submissions by automatically attaching any data from your existing CRM tooling and attaching it to ticket submissions for deep insights and better action.

Simplify your collection process

The more information you request, the less feedback you’ll receive. User Insights enriches data on the back end, so you only need to ask for the essential – Userback will automate everything else.

Make better product decisions with rich user insights

Leverage your user data correctly to help you build better products. Group user feedback together by subscription tier and prioritize through user insights for maximum impact.

Userback is the perfect way to collect and control our user feedback for our website projects and keep it in one location. it also allows you to provide customer support at a high-end level.

Dashbite T.Founder
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