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Improve the feedback experience for clients and end users

Streamline and automate the collection and management of actionable feedback from clients and end users.

"Streamlined our agency client's feedback and requests overnight.... It has been a game-changer".

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

Userback by the numbers

See positive results fast

Streamline the management and approval of bugs, requests and more

Don’t rely on fragmented and disconnected emails and spreadsheets. Centralize website feedback from your clients and their end users in one place.

Average ROI


Bug resolution speed



Tag and track changes, suggestions and approvals all in one place

Know exactly what your clients mean with their feedback

Give your clients the power to submit visually rich, easy-to-manage and unambiguous feedback without leaving your website. Add video and annotated feedback for designs, prototypes, live sites and more in an instant and catalogue every client request.

Simplify client service

No more chasing up revisions and approvals! Give clients direct access to a portal where they can see what’s going on at any point in time. You can securely create multiple projects for multiple clients and quickly access, action and respond to each item.

Supercharge project management and client communication

Seamlessly incorporate client feedback into your existing processes and workflow platforms — such as Slack, Trello and Asana — using integrations to assign, action and close fixes, features and other feedback-related updates with ease.

Gather and manage client feedback across the project lifecycle

Bring feedback, and it’s related activity together in a single location – No more spreadsheets, no more emails. Userback’s user feedback platform helps software teams turn new feedback into new features in record time.

Get all the information you need first time, every time

Userback ensures you get contextual and visual clarity every time a user submits bug reports, feature requests and other feedback, all easily viewed and managed in a dedicated portal. This allows you to make and prioritize product decisions based on real insights and evidence without having to rely on guesswork or gutfeel.

Learn more about the feedback lifecycle

Know which features and fixes you need to prioritize

With greater detail and insight you can make better informed product decisions, triage feedback faster and take the guesswork out of what to do next. Gain additional context into every submission via User Insights, Console Logs and Session Info so you can prioritize user feedback and support customer success objectives.

Learn more about the feedback lifecycle

Move with greater speed, move with greater insight

Automatically synchronize user feedback with your workflows and enable software teams and developers to immediately turn insight into action with all the contextual and visual information they need. With all the information at your fingertips, you and your team can stop wasting precious time chasing up information or trying to reproduce issues.

Learn more about the feedback lifecycle

Close the loop

Follow-up and closure can be some of the hardest parts of managing user feedback. Userback’s Feature Portal allows you to easily share progress and resolution with users and stakeholders to ensure that their feedback has been addressed.

Learn more about the feedback lifecycle