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Userback for Product Managers

Keep users at the center of UX design and feature builds

Stay connected to what users really need so you can build products and features that they really love

Improve user satisfaction

Keep users happy and engaged by understanding what users like and dislike about product, need and want. Then make the right changes that to improve user satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

  • Addresses user pain points directly
  • Increase product relevancy
  • Enhance usability and your product’s UX
  • Build user trust
  • Encourage loyalty

Prioritize feature development

With limited resources, it’s important for Product Managers to prioritize which features to develop next. User feedback help’ identify the features that are most important to your users, allowing you to focus development efforts with confidence.

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Join the 1000’s of Product Managers already benefiting from Userback

Hear from Aviv Mizrahi,’s Product Manager and learn why after an extensive market review, chose Userback to capture real-time feedback from users.

Read Aviv's story now

Increase user engagement

Entice users back again and again, by delivering the features and functionality they need every time with validated product ideas. Build what they love and watch active users and session times skyrocket!

Nail that software accuracy KPI

Find and fix more bugs faster through development, UAT, QA and post-release product phases. Improve accuracy with visual bug reports complete with system info and get straight to the heart of the problem.

Never deprioritize feedback again

Feedback has been a time-consuming and manual process for the longest time. Trying to continuously get user insights and feedback is often the first thing to go in favor of more pressing needs. Now you can maintain meaningful connections with your users with near zero effort.

It is really easy to set the Userback widget on your product, customize how it looks, and link it with whatever other tool you like. It is also extremely straightforward from the end user's perspective - even non tech-savvy users take advantage of it to report issues or make suggestions for our platform.

Lora K.Product Manager
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