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Userback for Web Agencies

Streamline the client feedback and approval process

Give clients the power to show you exactly what they mean with annotated  video feedback and screenshots

Collect real-time client feedback

Get highly contextual feedback with video and annotated screenshots. Stop relying on email and let customers directly tell you what they want from your staging site build. With no guesswork or no interpretation required, your business can run efficiently.

Learn more about Screen Annotations

Skip the back-and-forth

Attach client’s system and browser information to every piece of feedback, so you know all the detail without the extra email, phone call or meeting.

Centralize it all

Create separate projects for every client in Userback, and securely house every piece of feedback in one location for quick access, action and response.

Invite clients to see their feedback

Give clients access to view and comment on the feedback from their web projects. Deliver it directly to your account manager and developer teams for action or closure in an instant. No more chasing up clients for revisions and approval!

Chronology captured

Centralize all feedback and approvals in one location with timestamps and avoid that uncomfortable conversation as the inevitable scope change occurs. Protect your business and bring transparency to clients with minimal effort and zero fuss.

I've been a Userback customer for several years and it's by far the best tool out there for acquiring visual feedback on our clients websites. And as I'm always testing new tools to compare against those I've been using, I've tried them all, and Userback is by far, the best.

Shane B.Founder
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