Mastering Product Prioritization: Insights from a Seasoned Product Manager

Expert Insights on Prioritization and Decision Making

In this episode of The Product Perspective, host Jon Tobin delves into the complexities of product prioritization and decision-making with Gil Pollak, the digital product lead at ING Australia. Gil, with over a decade of experience in product management across various industries, provides valuable insights and practical examples to help both aspiring and seasoned product managers navigate the challenges of prioritization.

They discuss the importance of understanding business goals, using frameworks like RICE and Moscow to evaluate opportunities and features, and the significance of continuous reassessment and refinement as the product landscape evolves. With a focus on small, frequent releases, the episode emphasizes the value of team collaboration, effective communication, and the influential role of product managers in aligning internal and external stakeholder interests.

Listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of prioritization strategies, the role of experimentation in validating ideas, and how to effectively communicate and make trade-offs when aligning product decisions with business goals. Gil and Jon Tobin’s discussion offers practical advice and valuable frameworks for product managers looking to enhance their prioritization and decision-making skills.

Listeners are sure to come away with new perspectives on product management and actionable takeaways to apply in their own roles.


Today’s Guest: Gil Pollak

Gil stumbled into the world of product management early in his career and quickly found his passion for it. He is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest product information and enjoys learning from experts in the field.

In addition to his love for product management, Gil prioritizes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and nurturing relationships with others. His commitment to balance and passion for his work make him a valuable asset in the product management industry.

07:14 How to Prioritize Initiatives Based on Company Strategy: “I think a really good starting point for a prioritization is getting a grapple on what the company’s strategy and objectives are and how you contribute to their success.”

08:17 Focus on customer research, aligning with business goals.

11:23 Exploring options, building prototypes, testing assumptions.

15:18 Prioritization and Stakeholder Buy-In: “It’s a product manager’s job to sift through the noise and find what matters, and ideally make the right prioritization decisions. But it’s also really critical to give stakeholders the rationale behind it.”

18:28 Focusing on customer needs is valuable. Feedback aligns with ideal customer profile.

20:00 Deliver small increments, use Moscow framework.

23:53 Involving team early, making decisions more effective.

24:55 The Value of Shipping in Small Increments: “Shipping in small incremental chunks is a great practice, not just for prioritization, just for product management. And it it it will make your life a lot easier.”

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