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10 Fixes for Bug Fixing

For many of us, bug fixing is a pain in the butt: it takes up too much time and takes us away from doing what we like to do best — building great products. Bug reporting and accelerate issue resolution.

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What’s covered?

Whether you’re building something new or just need to keep an existing platform running smoothly, you need to be able to identify and rectify bugs, fast.
As co-founder of SaaS user feedback platform Userback, I spend a lot of my time looking at how to improve and streamline the way that software teams can manage user feedback, feature requests and bug reports. As a developer I am always looking for ways to improve the bug-related workflows — from collection to closure — so that we can streamline our own business as well as helping our clients to accelerate the development cycle for their products.

In the short guide in the page below I have highlighted 10 ways that Userback can help you to spend less time fixing bugs and more time doing what you love… building awesome stuff.

Lee Le

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