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Video Feedback

Capture all the action with video and audio user feedback

Users can record video and audio to highlight what’s going on when they submit issues and requests with Video Feedback.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

Remove guesswork and misinterpretation from user feedback

Accelerate the replication, assessment and resolution of issues by instantly providing developers and product teams with the context they need to fix bugs faster.

Bug report management time


Bug report clarification time



See exactly what users are talking about

Save time and stress for your users

When users aren’t sure how to explain what they mean, or don’t have much time, they can simply record what’s happening on their entire screen, application window or browser tab.

The power of voice, onscreen mark-ups and screen recording

Combined with Screen Annotation, users can add specific highlights, visual mark-ups and greater context to video and audio recordings of their feedback – all without leaving your site or needing any 3rd party tools.

"So simple and easy to use for our users to send a screenshot or even video feedback when errors occurred on our website. We help them better by replicating the issues that happen and finding a solution."

Manage video feedback more productively

As you assess video feedback you can add timestamps, notes and assign team members, so everyone can quickly access the information they need to reduce review time and boost productivity.

Save time and stress for your developers

Video Feedback instantly provides developers with the clarity they need to understand, replicate and resolve issues faster. With each recording session data – such as browser, device and user profile – is automatically captured in the background, providing even greater detail and insight.