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Hear from actual users with the #1 User Interviews alternative

Hear from paying users, not paid randoms.

Stop wasting money by interviewing people who are just there to get paid. Get the real truth and collect feedback from actual users via feedback widgets, in-app surveys, session replays and more. All in the #1 User Interviews alternative, at a fraction of the cost.

User Interviews alternative

Join 20,000 teams who understand their user needs with the User Interviews alternative that delivers more for less.

Compare the #1 User Interviews alternative for yourself


User Interviews

Trigger feedback and surveys to your ACTUAL users
Collect multiple types of feedback in a single widget

Bug reports, feature requests, general feedback

Choose from a library of survey templates

NPS, CSAT, CES, and many more

Capture highly contextual visual feedback

Annotated screenshots, console logs and metadata

User Identification

Track users, build segments, and trigger targeted feedback

Collect and manage ideas in a public feature portal
Easily manage feedback across UNLIMITED sites
Easy to understand and affordable pricing for SMB

"Userback makes the feedback process on creative client work so much more smooth and quick. I could never go back to our old process of emailing back and forth!"


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Userback the best User Interviews alternative?

User Interviews is a useful tool for recruiting interviews from paid research participants.

For SaaS product teams who need an affordable way to collect feedback from their actual users, Userback is the best User Interviews alternative.

With Userback, you can collect multiple types of feedback and surveys from inside your app, creating an “always on” feedback channel from actual users right at the source. This improves both the quantity and quality of feedback and leads to more user insights and better product decisions.

I'm ready to switch to Userback. How does your free trial work?

All new accounts start with a free 14-day trial of the Scale plan. You get access to all key features and can collect up to 100 responses and 5000 session replays. Once the trial ends, your feedback and survey forms will stop and you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue. Start free today!

What are session replays?

Session replays allow you to review a visitor’s entire experience on your website, capturing details such as navigation, mouse movements, and rage clicks. Unlike User Interviews and other tools, Userback can attach a session replay to each user’s feedback and survey responses, providing a more comprehensive insight into user sentiment and behavior.

Can I handle multiple projects with one account?

Absolutely! Unlike others, Userback comes with unlimited projects so you can easily manage multiple surveys and feedback projects all in the one account.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Userback is 100% GDPR compliant. We take security and data privacy very seriously and you can find detailed information in our Security Overview and Privacy Policy.

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