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User Feedback Management

Make user feedback your game changer

Capture and manage user feedback in one place across the entire feedback lifecycle. Ditch the email and spreadsheets to improve collaboration and reduce feedback management time by 70%.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

"A game-changer for our QA process and Project Management, from the customizable, easy-to-use onsite widgets to the access to live collaboration with our clients. It has streamlined the need to juggle feedback from multiple sources to just one."


Eliminate fragmented feedback, manual processing, and siloed systems.

Streamline the collection of actionable user feedback

Say goodbye to fragmented feedback using spreadsheets and email.  Allow users to submit Annotated Screenshots, Video Recordings and audio commentary in-app. Automatically capture Session Replays to see exactly what was happening when an issue occurred. Create triggered Micro-Surveys to collect richer insights. 

Assess and evaluate all your feedback in one place

Every item is centralized and consistently formatted in a single dashboard and Userback’s Kanban Board allows you to easily visualize, assess and track all your bug reports, feature requests and comments. Review system information, console logs, User Identification and Session Replays.

Link user feedback with CRM and ERP data to prioritize feedback that represents greatest value and supports customer success objectives.

Turn insight into instant action

Use Integrations to synchronize user feedback with your existing workflows and automate repetitive tasks. Communicate directly feedback submitters, keep stakeholders in the loop and collaborate with your team 10X faster.

Assign feedback-related tasks to developers and designers, give them the information they need to immediately replicate issues and resolve them without having to follow-up with users.

Build an engaged user community

Don’t leave users hanging waiting for an update on their feedback or feature request. Automatically notify them of progress and make sure you have addressed user feedback by checking that their expectations or suggestions have been met.

Userback’s Feature Portal allows you to close the loop with ease! As each item is completed, users can confirm their suggestion has been actioned, helping to build engagement, loyalty and trust.


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