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User Identification

Deep insight into all feedback. No effort required.

Combine visual feedback with metadata and user identification to understand exactly who did what, when and why. So you can prioritize, action, and grow.

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Userback by the numbers

Understand everything in an instant

Streamlining the collection of user feedback today means a brighter future for

Discover how identifies and manages feedback from thousands of different users everyday with Userback’s User Identification.

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Bug report management time


Bug report clarification time



All the background information you need

Every detail for every piece of feedback

Every time feedback is submitted, Userback automatically captures basic user, session and system information so that you can instantly understand the environment in which a specific issue occurred or request was made.

Session data

Userback captures the technical details that developers need — like OS, browser, DPI and resolution and more — so that they can instantly recreate issues without having to communicate with the user.

User profiles included

Each user’s name, location, activity, account ID and contact details are collected to provide greater context and to ensure you can contact them quickly should you need any additional information.

Greater personalization

If you want to collect more user information you can use the Userback JavaScript SDK to create custom data fields such as account ID, plan type and customer value. This allows you to prioritize feedback based on the importance of a user to your organization.