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Validate ideas in days. Not weeks.

Prioritize product features that users love.

Prioritize product feedback

Join 20,000 product teams who prioritize product features with Userback

Collect more ideas from actual users.

Create your own Feature Portal to easily capture product ideas based on your user’s feedback and requests.

prioritize product features

Validate the best ideas before you build.

Allow users to vote on ideas in your Feature Portal. Let the best ideas rise to the top and then validate them with In-App Surveys before you commit resources to build them.

Feedback portal to reduce customer churn

Prioritize product features with real data.

Don’t wait weeks or months to collect enough data to build with confidence. Collect product feedback both passively and actively and validate your ideas in days.

“What makes Userback refreshing is that it contains a full suite of features and functionalities that would put you into Enterprise tiers with other similar tools.”

Matthew Niederberger


“We love how Userback helps our team to be on top of their game regarding client feedback and team communication. We love how easy it is to use and the range of integrations.”

Gustavo Morao


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