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Small Questions, Big Impact

Leveraging Micro Surveys for Product Team Success

In this webinar, industry experts Matthew Keir and Daniel Rae will delve into the importance and practical implementation of micro surveys for product teams in the fast-paced world of SaaS.

Discover how Userback’s micro surveys can lead to faster improvement times, maximize response rates, and provide real-time, actionable feedback for your product development.

Here’s why you should watch:

– Gain insights into the timely nature of surveys and the speed of business in SaaS

– Learn about choosing the right tools for small teams and the significance of timing and stage of user engagement for surveys

– Understand how to test, iterate, and refine surveys, as well as analyze and act on survey data

– Explore design and implementation best practices for micro surveys, and the process of creating surveys inside Userback

Speakers: Daniel Rae & Matthew Keir

Matthew Keir – Marketing Director at Userback

Matthew Keir is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the field. His extensive background has provided valuable insights into harnessing the potential of user feedback to steer businesses towards remarkable success. Matthew is a driving force behind Userback’s marketing strategies, facilitating growth and innovation.

Daniel Rae, Customer Success Manager at Userback

Daniel is a valuable member of the Userback Customer Success team. With a passion for championing customer feedback, Daniel collaborates closely with product managers, developers, and web designers, unlocking the potential of their creations.

He understands that customer insights are the key to success, and he’s here to share his knowledge on how to turn those insights into actionable improvements.

Learn more about how Userback helps you to develop and execute your Product Strategy.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction to Micro Surveys
  • Implementing Micro Surveys
  • Analyzing and Actioning Micro Survey Data
  • Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing Impact
  • Demo
  • Q&A

A brief summary of “Small Questions, Big Impact: Leveraging Micro Surveys for Product Team Success”

Key Takeaways from the Microsurvey Webinar

1. Importance of NPS for Product Teams:
– Matthew Keir emphasizes the significance of NPS for new customer acquisition, trial onboarding, and feature prioritization.

2. Micro Surveys for Better Response Rates:
– Daniel Rae supports the use of micro surveys, particularly on-site or in-app surveys, for higher engagement and response rates compared to email surveys.

3. Advantages of Micro Surveys:
– Micro surveys can potentially yield double response rates due to their in-the-moment nature and relevance to users.
– Userback’s shareable link feature provides a multi-platform engagement alternative for micro surveys.

4. Customizing Survey Timing and Relevance:
– The timely nature of surveys in SaaS, the choice of survey tools for small teams, and the timing of surveys related to desired outcomes and user engagement stages are crucial.

5. Design and Implementation Best Practices:
– Emphasis on simplicity, clear language, avoiding leading questions, and balancing response scales in micro surveys.
– Recommendations for refining surveys, internal data sharing, and closing feedback loops to encourage future participation.

6. Leveraging Survey Data to Drive Decision Making:
– Utilizing survey insights for product development, marketing strategies, and understanding user sentiment and priorities.

7. Practical Steps for Implementing Micro Surveys:
– Setting clear objectives, designing the right surveys, choosing suitable tools, and working with cross-functional teams for successful implementation.

These key takeaways underscore the importance of NPS, the effectiveness of micro surveys for higher response rates, and the need for strategic survey design and implementation in driving product success within SaaS teams.