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Screen Annotation

Accelerate issue resolution with richer feedback

Collect even more detailed visual feedback with Screen Annotation. Users can add notes and scribbles to screengrabs and videos, in realtime and without leaving your app.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

Userback by the numbers

Screen Annotation is a game changer for managing feedback

With more detail from users you can assess issues and suggestions with greater accuracy, process them with less effort and resolve them with greater speed.

Reduce user feedback processing time



Move with greater clarity, speed and confidence


No more frustrating ambiguous user feedback

Screen Annotation allows your users to mark-up their visual and video feedback with specific comments, scribbles and notes, to explain exactly what’s happening. Enriched with Session Replay along with user and session metadata, you’ve got all the information you need to deliver fixes and features faster.

"Userback's features provide a ton of value to our business. It makes collecting feedback super simple. In addition, because we are a SaaS we can implement multiple instances for each of our customers."

Friction-free insights for product validation and prioritization

As users can provide feedback without leaving your website or web application, they are more likely to submit their ideas and issues, giving you greater insight for validating and prioritizing what to do next.

Easy for users

Built-in annotation tools make it super easy for users to:

  • Highlight a specific area of the page
  • Draw anything, like circles and lines, notes, underline and strikethrough
  • Keep sensitive information private by blocking out part of the screen
  • Drop a pin and add a text comment anywhere on the page

Even easier for developers

Screen Annotation instantly gives developers all the information that they need to understand issues and fix them faster in one place. No more clarification calls, emails and meetings.