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Feedback Platform Overview

Big insights for small teams.

Powerful user research for PLG & SaaS.

Get enterprise-level user insights at a fraction of the price.

In-App Surveys

Get inside the mind of your customers.

Easily create and deliver In-App Surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES to targeted users. Capture more user insights every week, month, or quarter and measure the real impact of product changes over time.

Session Replay

Give context to user sentiment.

See your users product experience directly, and understand exactly why they’re feeling the way they do. Look for frustrations and pain points in your UX, and nail it with the help of Session Replay.

Feedback Widget

Collect continuous feedback with zero effort.

Use a multi-purpose Feedback Widget to collect bug reports, feature requests and general feedback. Enrich it all with annotated screenshots, video recordings and browser metadata to action feedback 2X faster.

User Segments

Because not all users are created equal.

Create User Segments and understand exactly what your most valuable cohorts need. Split by plan, account type and more to allow precise targeting of in-app surveys and feedback widgets.

User Identification

Know exactly who your users are.

Enhance user feedback and improve the accuracy with User Identification. Automatically track users as they login to your application and link their feedback and survey responses for a deeper understanding of user sentiment.

Feature Portal

Capture ideas and promote new features.

Provide a beautiful home for user suggestions and build trust via a public Feature Portal. Capture new ideas, share thoughts, and prioritize new features with the help of your users.

Feedback Portal to reduce customer churn


Work seamlessly with your existing tools.

Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools via Userback’s powerful Integrations. Automatically send feedback to tools like Jira, Slack and ClickUp for faster action and streamline feedback management for your entire team.

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Userback platform awards

Understanding what users really want doesn’t have to be hard.

Collect regular in-app feedback so you can gain more user insights for happier customers and product success.

Start in minutes, gain user insights within hours.

You’re busy, so we made it easy.

Install your code

Embed Userback into your site with a simple one-time installation. Add our global code to the pages where you want to collect feedback, and include the properties for User Identification to start tracking valuable insights immediately.

Create a project

Setup a project for your site to capture visual feedback, bug reports and ideas together in one place. Or start with a survey project to ask highly-targeted questions to users as they navigate through your site.

Customize and launch

Tweak the content, customize the appearance, and choose which User Segments should see your surveys and widgets, and on which pages. When you’re ready – hit go, and you’re live!

Gather user insights

Receive notifications for new feedback and survey responses and watch the data roll in! View and manage everything directly in Userback or send feedback where you work with helpful integrations, webhooks, Zapier and API.

Watch it back

See a response or piece of feedback you find concerning? Every response automatically attaches technical metadata and a full Session Replay, so you can dive in and see exactly what happened.

Add user insight to your favorite workflows