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Feedback Platform Overview

The #1 user feedback management platform

Connect user insights with software teams throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle. Assess, assign, action and close the user feedback loop faster, all in one platform.


Collect regular feedback from users and have the confidence to make better product decisions for happier customers.

Screen Annotation

Collect bug reports and feedback – visually

Make it easy for your users to give you precise and highly-contextual feedback that is easy to understand. Userback’s Screen Annotation works across all devices and browsers to give you and your users the ultimate flexibility to provide insightful feedback instantly.

Video Recording

Move faster with video feedback

Create and deliver feedback fast without sacrificing any detail. Provide full video, audio and written notes for any issue or request your clients and users have. Get to the heart of feedback instantly and skip the clarification step by capturing clicks, zoom actions, resizing, focus areas, and more so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


Session Replay

End the broken communication loop

Supercharge your time to resolution by giving teams all the information they need to solve problems from the start – without the extra email or call. Session Replay provides detailed insights into user behaviors that lead to the bug, captured with high fidelity video and delivered to your developers’ digital doorstop.

User Identification

Know exactly who your users are

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your feedback process by identifying and prefilling fields and adding custom data with information about the user. Insert user information like name, email address, and account details to save time, and enable prioritized response from product and customer success teams more quickly and effectively.

Feature Portal

Capture ideas and keep users in the loop

Centralize all aspects of user feedback in one place where you can capture new ideas, share your thoughts, and vote on others. Provide a beautiful home for user suggestions and build trust with transparent product development via a public roadmap.


Work seamlessly with your existing tools

Connect Userback with your favorite tools where product managers, developers and designers are comfortable working. Automate feedback notifications to external teams for action and add contextual information for faster resolution. Need more flexibility? Create custom workflows with Userback and Webhooks, push the limits of your feedback loop, and create new ways to work.

Merge Feedback

Avoid duplicates and save time

Merging Feedback combines the status, assignee, type, and vote count of two or more selected feedback items, resulting in a more accurate representation of an idea or issue’s overall popularity. Child feedback is gracefully hidden from view with a filter, but you can easily access and manage all related feedback from the primary feedback item, providing complete visibility in a simplified view.

Micro Surveys

Capture the voice of the customer

Surveys designed to help product teams capture the voice of the customer and make better product decisions with polls, ratings, CSAT, CES and more. With Userback’s powerful survey tools, product teams can gain key insights into what users want, how they feel, and what issues they may be experiencing.

A user feedback platform for what you need today, and what comes next

Streamline and automate the real-time in-app collection, evaluation and management of visual feedback and contextual surveys. Userback can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated into existing business workflows to allow product managers and developers to validate ideas, optimize product-market fit, refine roadmaps, prioritize features, fix bugs and deliver value with greater insight, impact and efficiency.

Design feedback

Upload and centralize all your designs in a single location and catalogue feedback in a consistent format. Timestamp, assign action and move from design to delivery faster.

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Website feedback

Give users a simple, frictionless method of providing visual feedback on design and bugs without ever having to leave your site. Enrich submissions with session info for everything you need the first time.

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Bug tracking

Recreate and resolve bugs in record time with visual feedback and let non-technical users provide detailed bug reports, complete with session info like browser, OS, resolution and more and watch it back with session replay anytime.

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Find and fix issues in record time with centralized QA and UAT feedback. Get screenshots, video and full session replays that allow developers to action without the back-and-forth.

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Product strategy

Understand exactly what users care about and build product strategy based on first-party user data. Explore trending ideas, promote ideas for validation and cherry pick top ideas as voted by your paying community,

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Product roadmaps

Populate a roadmap with pre-validated ideas from paying users and take the guesswork out of what to build next. Create data points to defend product decisions and move forward with confidence.

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Customer research

Find out exactly how customers feel and what they want from your app or website instantly with customer surveys, and public feature portals. Get votes, validate ideas and know what counts.

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Add user insight to your favorite workflows


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