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Session Replay

Rewind, replay, resolve.

Get the real story behind every issue and request.

Session Replay Capture

Join over 20,000 product teams building better with Userback and session replay

Understand what AND why.

Add context to any survey or feedback response and dive into the linked session to see exactly what happened.

Interactions to resolve


Feedback management time


Userback Session Replay Tools

Add context to user feedback.

Gain a deeper understanding of bug reports, user feedback and survey responses by watching the linked session replay for each of your users.

See it all in session replay.

Follow mouse movements, and see clicks, focus, resize, rage clicks, text inputs and more. So you can nail the cause of any issue.

Session replay info

Drill into user engagement.

Learn how different types of users navigate your UX. Understand trial user confusion, or ongoing frustrations for NPS detractors with session replay’s attached to every User Segment.