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The Userback Story

We're in it for those wanting to build better software

Feedback is not a loop. It’s a knot. Userback untangles it by putting the user back in the center of product development

The story so far…

Feedback is hard to keep track of, and it’s time-consuming. The evidence to prioritize valuable features is either scattered or guesswork, so we see the common theme of products diverging from the value users really want. We’ve seen product managers and agencies struggle with this feedback knot, and we were convinced there had to be a better way.

We have created a simple yet powerful way to collect and manage feedback for all your software products and web apps in one place. A place where your customers can be part of your product journey and where you have the evidence to build value not simply features for features’ sake. We truly believe that you can build better products and solutions for your customers through visual feedback and the ability to articulate ideas or problems with proper context. You can be a product hero. It’s our mission to help software product teams untangle the feedback knot and move the user back to the center of product development.

The founding

When a customer success obsessed individual teamed up with a precision focused developer to start something great.

Finding product fit

Our user-centered development approach leads to over 20,000 software teams building better with Userback.

Giving users a voice

Product Managers, Developers and Web Designers have collected over 2.1 million pieces of feedback and reduced triage times by over 70%.

Helping 20,000+ software teams capture and automate feedback to create products that users love

Our Values

We listen

We are thoughtful communicators who value and respect the contributions that come from our team and our customers. We listen to understand and are deliberate in our responses and actions. No egos. After all, we are a feedback company at heart, and what is feedback without listening?

We move fast

We are nimble and driven to deliver. We make decisions fast. We execute fast. We learn fast. We win fast. We do this with purpose and accountability, to each other and our customers. We can move fast because we have trust, and because of the freedom that comes from that trust to change quickly in line with our customers needs.

We strive for excellence

We challenge each other to improve to better serve our market because we are passionate, and we have made a safe environment to do so. We are curious and ambitious. We want to continuously push to solve it better; to be better. We put in the best of ourselves to stand out and we work hard to keep it so that our customers can access the best tools to make their lives easier.

We are in it together

We spend a huge amount of our time at work. The more that time doesn’t feel like “work,” the better. Camaraderie underpins everything. We can be serious without taking ourselves too seriously. We care – about each other, our customers and our community. We support each other. We have fun together. We win together. Ultimately, we are a team.

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