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Website Feedback

Deliver a better experience with richer user insights

Streamline and automate the collection and management of actionable bug reports, feature requests and comments.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

"Love it, use it every day. I like the website widget where I get helpful feedback with videos, attachments and screenshots which are very helpful in identifying issues."



Improve user satisfaction and conversion rates

Streamline website feedback today

Don’t risk missed feedback and delayed issue resolution using disconnected platforms like email and spreadsheets. Userback allows users to provide visual feedback with Annotated Screenshots, videos and audio feedback, all managed through a single dashboard.

Use Micro-Surveys to proactively ask specific users questions about specific areas of your website, so you can improve your user experience.

Automatically capture session and user information

Collect background system and attach it to every feedback submission with zero user involvement. Add User Identification data to support prioritization and insights for Product and Customer Success teams.

Centralize every piece of website feedback in one platform

Gather all your website feedback in one place, organized, catalogued and timestamped. Assess it, reply to clients, and assign tasks to developers and designers in one location. Keep track of it all and keep both users and teams in the loop.

Use your Feature Portal to manage the process with external clients and teams or delivery website feedback into existing workflows with Userback’s Integrations and REST API.


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