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Know exactly how users feel.

Uncover the 'why' of user actions and understand user sentiment.

Understand user sentiment

Join over 20,000 product teams who better understand user sentiment with Userback

Frictionless in-app surveys.

Launch repeatable In-App Surveys in under 3 minutes to help measure and understand user sentiment. Choose from purpose-built templates like CES, NPS and CSAT, or create your own.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Userback

Segment and trigger.

Trigger targeted surveys to different User Segments. Collect better insights and understand user sentiment for different types of users.

User survey

Increase responses with sharable links.

Understand user sentiment with Surveys that can be shared outside of your app via email, mobile and chatbots.

“It is really easy to set the Userback widget on your product, customize how it looks, and link it with whatever other tool you like. It is also extremely straightforward from the end user’s perspective.”

Lora Kostova


“We love how Userback helps our team to be on top of their game regarding client feedback and team communication. We love how easy it is to use and the range of integrations.”

Gustavo Morao


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