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Userback Browser Extension

Zero-code feedback option for internal teams

Bring internal teams together during design and development and provide a fast, effective feedback method for collecting visual feedback.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

White Label Agency integrates user feedback into existing project workflows

Every year the White Label Agency delivers thousands of WordPress projects. Looking for a smarter way of managing hundreds of thousands of user comments and suggestions, they chose Userback to complement their existing ClickUp team environment.

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Start capturing internal commentary in seconds

Start lightning fast

Capture feedback from any web page or web application in seconds in a no-code option for those unable (or unwilling) to add code to sites and applications. Perfect companion for UAT and QA processes.

Powerful capture tools in a simple package

Access powerful capture tools and instantly deliver full-page screenshots, Video Feedback, audio and deliver precise, high-context feedback to your team. Go one step further and automatically attach console logs, event tracking, browser info, and more so your team gets more done, with less hassle.

Ideal for internal teams

Ideal for internal teams to provide visual feedback and bug reporting. Internal teams like UAT and QA testers can now deliver precise feedback and bug reports to developers to speed cycle times and get your product to market faster, with less wasted time, effort and money.

Add user insight to your favorite workflows