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Build better products faster with user feedback

Forget clunky spreadsheets and email. Connect to users with simple screen annotation, video, session replays and your public feature roadmap.


20,000+ software teams use Userback to understand what users need and create products that they love


Get visual in-app feedback ‘on the fly’

Let users submit bug reports, feature requests and general comments without leaving your platform, along with supporting screenshots, notes, videos and session replays. 

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“Getting customer feedback is hard. Our customers used to send us a word file with a lot of disorganized information. With Userback they enter the project and they do all the feedback in the section it belongs.”
Felipe L. CTO


Make smarter product decisions with richer insights

Automatically collect background session and system data and know what features and fixes are most important to your users so you can prioritize the activities that will deliver the greatest value.

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“I love how easy it is for clients to acclimate to the tool so they can submit feedback to me. Then it’s organized into a to-do list, that I can keep track of requests and mark off or respond to.”
Sean B. Agency Owner


Do it right first time, every time

Seamlessly integrate user feedback tasks into your existing workflows and give your developers all the detail and information they need to deliver features and fixes faster.

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“I love the software and the major selling point for us was that it natively integrated with Teamwork ( This is our project management tool which we use for 50+ employees ) The support is always amazing and had always had a positive reply.”
Naveen B. Assistant Product Manager


Build a greater sense of community

Use the Feedback Portal to engage users in product roadmaps; votes for features and fixes; task tracking and loop them back in to ensure their feedback has been addressed.

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“Userback has streamlined the communication between my team members. Not to mention, it has immensely helped to cut down feedback time from the clients. Designers and developers along with the PMs get more time for problem-solving.”
Tareq B. Director

One of my best investments ever. I love the simplicity of the tool and the features have been generous and powerful. I love that I can embed the feedback tools anywhere I work across multiple CMS systems. The reliability has been great as well.

Just S.President + Founder

Bring Product Managers and Developers into alignment. No guesswork required.

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