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Our GDPR Commitment.

Taking GDPR seriously is not merely a legal obligation but a commitment to respect and protect your data privacy, ensuring trust and transparency in all interactions.

Is Userback GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are compliant with the GDPR. We have devoted a significant amount of effort towards helping our customers fulfil their requirements under the GDPR and local law. For more information, including a copy of our Data Processing Addendum, please visit this page.

Data storage

All data is stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS maintains several industry-recognized certifications, including FedRAMP, ISO, SOC, PCI, and more.

AWS is also compliant with numerous regulations, privacy standards, and frameworks, including HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, the EU Data Protection Directive, EU-US Privacy Shield, FISMA, and more than 30 others.

Data control

As the processor of your data, we give you full control over your data to make the best decisions regarding collection and storage of data. Our services are specifically designed to limit personal data collection by default, requiring you as a customer to explicitly enable features that collect personal information.


Of course, privacy means nothing without security. Our highly scalable and secured network ensures the security of your data. We only collaborate with third parties selected after a thorough assessment and make sure you and your customers have the safest experience on our platform. Check out our security overview to learn more.

If you have more questions regarding GDPR and our compliance, please contact us.