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Last week G2 published its reports for the Fall 2022 season. G2 results are based on real-user scores across their community platform, a nice change from the daily vendor chest-beating. Our users and the Product Manager and Developer community are why we do what we do, so platforms like G2 are a great test of if we’re accomplishing our mission to help these teams build better products.

Check out Userback on G2 and see what people are saying.

Two of these stood out in particular rating Userback #1 and #2 in its category.

G2 Relationship Index for Bug Tracking | Fall 2022

The Userback platform isn’t just a one-trick pony, but being acknowledged for a core capability, helping developers find and fix bugs more effectively is certainly a key ingredient in the platform. We’re thrilled the Relationship index for Bug Tracking rated Userback number 1 in Bug Tracking with a 9.55 score, leading the way across all rated options. Effective bug tracking helps create better products, faster, and reduces developer costs associated with testing and maintenance, speeding time to market and customer experience. We’re proud to be at the forefront of that outcome for businesses on Userback. The factors which contribute to a product’s overall score in this index include ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend amongst others. If you’re a Product Manager, web developer or part of a software team that’s tasked with bug tracking and remediation this is great validation.

G2 Product Management Implementation Index

Product Managers rejoice! You can make your lives easier with the implementation of Userback, that’s what a number of your peers have voted as they scored Userback a score of 9.00, number 2 in the Product Management Implementation Index, ahead of well-known options. It means Product Managers like you think that Userback is delivering based on ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption and other factors ahead of other market options. Oftentimes, user feedback is put on the back burner in favor of alternate, easier-to-deliver projects. That no longer needs to be the case with Userback and this score proves that your peers agree with us.

G2 High Performer Fall 2022

Being rated as a ‘High Performer Fall 2022’ by our users is incredibly rewarding, and justifies our efforts to practice what we preach, capturing user feedback on our own offerings and implementing changes to find the market fit. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Developers, Product Managers, and software teams that took the time to share their experience with the G2 community. Getting feedback like this:

“One of my best investments ever”: There is a lot to love about Userback. What I appreciate the most is the commitment to active and consistent development of the tool. Since I first began using Userback in 2019 the updates and additions have been stellar. I love the simplicity of the tool and the features have been generous and powerful. I love that I can embed the feedback tools anywhere I work across multiple CMS systems. The reliability has been great as well.

“Userback: An Indispensable Tool In Our Arsenal”: I’ve been a Userback customer for several years and it’s by far the best tool out there for acquiring visual feedback on our clients websites. And as I’m always testing new tools to compare against those I’ve been using, I’ve tried them all, and Userback is by far, the best.

“A must have tool for creative client work”: Userback makes the feedback process on creative client work so much more smooth and quick. I could never go back to our old process of emailing back and forth!

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, try Userback today free for 14 days and get started today.