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In the rapidly evolving domain of product management, staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Continuous learning equips product managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to innovate and excel in their roles. In this context, podcasts for product managers emerge as an invaluable resource. They offer on-the-go access to insights from leading industry experts, success stories from seasoned professionals, and discussions on cutting-edge technologies and strategies. This makes podcasts an indispensable tool in a product manager’s learning arsenal, fostering a culture of growth and adaptability that is crucial in today’s dynamic business landscape.

For busy professionals, especially product managers, the value of a well-curated podcast for product managers cannot be overstated. They turn commutes, exercise routines, and even mundane tasks into opportunities for professional development and learning, it’s this adaptability that ensures smart product managers remain at the forefront of industry shifts and best practices, firmly establishing podcasts as a pillar of continuous learning and professional growth.

The Rise of Podcasts in Professional Development

The exponential growth of podcast listenership in recent years has been remarkable, and professionals have contributed significantly to this upward trend. In the US alone, 41% of podcast listeners are college graduates, while 20% hold postgraduate degrees (Edison Research). This is not surprising as busy professionals often struggle to find the time for continuous learning, and podcasts offer a convenient solution. They can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, making them an ideal medium for professionals to stay updated on industry news and developments.

Going further, podcasts are highly engaging and easy to consume, with listeners reporting that they listen to an average of seven episodes per week (Nielsen). This is because podcasts are designed to be conversational and informative, making the learning experience enjoyable and relatable. As a result, more professionals are turning to podcasts as their preferred form of staying updated and continuously developing their skills.

Why you should care about podcasts for product managers

Podcasts for product managers stand out as an effective tool for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they cater directly to the multifaceted role of product management, covering a wide range of topics from strategic planning to execution and market analysis. This ensures that product managers have access to a broad spectrum of knowledge essential for their dynamic roles. Secondly, the format of podcasts allows for deep dives into niche subjects, offering insights and actionable advice that are often hard to find in more traditional learning resources. This specificity equips product managers with the expertise needed to tackle unique challenges and seize opportunities in their respective industries.

Furthermore, podcasts for product managers facilitate a unique form of passive learning. This means that even during a hectic schedule, product managers can absorb crucial information and stay informed about the latest trends and methodologies in the field. By transforming downtime into productive learning time, podcasts serve as a constant source of inspiration and innovation. Lastly, the personal and conversational tone of podcasts fosters a sense of community and mentorship, giving listeners the feeling of one-on-one engagement with industry leaders and pioneers. This not only enhances the learning experience but also motivates product managers to continually strive for excellence in their careers. In essence, podcasts for product managers are a powerful instrument of growth, knowledge, and inspiration, reliably paving the way toward professional success in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of product management.

The List: Top Podcasts for Product Managers in 2024

We’ve curated 5 podcasts that cover interviews, insights, tips, tools, tactics and more. If it isn’t in one of these 5 podcasts, it isn’t worth knowing. Take a look, find the podcast that right for you and hit follow.

Podcasts for product managers

1. The Product Perspective podcast

The Product Perspective” is the ultimate podcast for product managers and aspiring product leaders! Join CEO Jon Tobin on a captivating journey as we take a deep dive into the dynamic world of product management, offering fresh insights, strategies, and inspiring stories from industry experts.

Explore new concepts, untangle the intricacies of product management and shed light on the challenges faced by PMs in today’s fast-paced SaaS environment. From ideation to execution, dissect the entire product lifecycle, equipping you with invaluable knowledge and skills to drive successful product outcomes. Now in its second season, this emerging podcast is the perfect quick fix for those looking for podcasts for product managers that run for 30 minutes or less.

2. Product thinking

Successful product management goes beyond training individual product managers collaborating daily with developers. It involves stepping back, addressing organizational systems holistically, and elevating product leadership to enhance these systems. Welcome to the Product Thinking Podcast, where Melissa Perri engages with top experts in product management, tackles your burning product questions, and helps you enhance your skills and grow as a product leader each week.

3. The Product Podcast

Join The Product Podcast, where we engage with top Product Leaders from tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more. Explore insights on entering the industry, setting career aspirations, fostering collaboration in diverse teams, and making strategic pivots. Dive into all things Product Management!

4. Product for Product Managment

Product for Product is a show hosted by Matt Green and Moshe Mikanovsky, dedicated to assisting listeners in navigating the expanding realm of product management tools while sharing insights on the various facets of the PM role. Join us on a discovery journey covering product analytics, road mapping, productivity, and more.

5. Product Bakery

Are you currently involved in a Product Company or thinking about starting your own? In this podcast, Design Manager Alex Dapunt and Product Coach Christian Strunk unite professionals from various product functions to discuss the essence of creating successful products loved by customers. They cover Product Management, Design, Development, and Marketing, aiming to break down conventional barriers between these areas and encourage open communication. Although they haven’t released new content in about six months, their archive of over 100 episodes offers plenty of valuable insights.

Incorporating insights from podcasts for product managers into daily routines and projects

Incorporating insights from podcasts for product managers into daily work routines and projects begins with a commitment to translating ideas into action. Start by identifying specific episodes or segments that directly relate to your current challenges or objectives. For each relevant insight gained, craft a strategic action step that aligns with your work.

For example, if a podcast episode discusses innovative user research techniques, plan to integrate these methods into your next project’s research phase. Create a dedicated space in your project management tools or calendars where these action steps can be tracked and reviewed regularly.

Additionally, share valuable insights with your team or stakeholders during meetings or through internal newsletters, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. By methodically applying the knowledge gained from podcasts for product managers, you transform passive listening into a powerful tool for personal development and organizational growth.

Final thoughts on how podcasts for product managers can help your career accelerate

Leveraging the wealth of knowledge available through podcasts is a proven strategy to enhance your skills and expand your professional repertoire. We confidently encourage you to explore this rich resource, allowing the diverse perspectives and expert insights to inspire innovation and drive your personal and professional growth. Remember, each episode is an opportunity to uncover new ideas, methodologies, and strategies that can elevate your work and sharpen your intellect. Start this journey today, and witness the transformation within yourself and your projects.

To excel in your career as a product manager, it is essential to continuously seek out new ideas, perspectives, and strategies. Podcasts offer an accessible and convenient way to expand your knowledge and skills, allowing you to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. By actively engaging with the content, taking actionable notes, and incorporating insights into your daily work routine, you can transform passive listening into active learning and accelerate your career growth. Whether it’s discussing episodes with colleagues or participating in podcast communities, embracing this resource will enhance your professional development and drive success for yourself and your team. Keep an open mind, embrace new ideas, and never stop learning through the power of podcasts. Keep listening, keep growing, and keep excelling as a product manager. So go ahead, hit play on your favorite podcast and keep taking your career to new heights!

If you’re a product manager and would be interested in starring in your own episode of The Product Perspective, get intouch with us [email protected]. Don’t forget to check out the podcast and subscribe for the latest episodes.

Keep exploring, discovering and implementing the insights gained from podcasts to continuously improve and excel in your role as a product manager. Happy listening!