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“Before Userback, we tried other online tools and found their UI/UX to be lacking. It really confused our clients and reflected poorly on my business.”

Rommel CaibalOwner – RCCGD

The Problem

“Clients had no easy way to give feedback on their design projects.”

With over 15 years’ experience of designing websites and working with clients, Rommel at RCC Graphic Designs knows how integral the feedback process is to keeping clients happy and delivering projects on time.

However, with clients ranging from local small businesses to other design agencies, Rommel needs a feedback tool that is both intuitive and robust. On one hand, collecting client feedback needs to be easy enough for even the least tech-savvy user. Yet it also needs to be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly within the workflows of other design agencies.


The Solution

“Streamlined client feedback for all design projects with Userback.”

After reviewing different annotation tools, Rommel chose Userback as his visual feedback tool of choice.

He was particularly impressed with how easy it was for clients to use and give high-quality feedback. There was no real learning curve to speak of and even his least tech-savvy clients picked it up without any need for help.

From there, Rommel has never looked back. Userback now plays an integral part in the feedback process of client design projects. He’s now even adding Userback to his client’s websites so their visitors can provide visual feedback, report bugs and usability issues.


RCCGD streamlined client feedback


“Userback makes website feedback really simple for our clients. It offers a lot of flexibility and saves a lot of time managing client feedback. My clients love using it and I’m able to resolve issues and complete projects faster. I highly recommend Userback to companies looking for a reliable online tool for design collaboration and bug reporting. It’s a must-have in your design toolkit.”

Rommel CaibalOwner – RCCGD