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“I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to actually hear from our clients. Because that is, in my view, the most critical aspect to getting a successful application out: to have that very healthy and responsive feedback channel going.”

JP Strydom

Product Manager – Sensei Project Solutions

The Customer Feedback Problem

“A tool to simply collect feedback is not enough.”

Sensei pioneered closing the gap between the discipline of Project Management and Microsoft’s productivity platform, making it a global Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) leader.

Sensei’s philosophy of focusing on the business problem over the technology means that customers are central to the success of their business. This is no different when it comes to Sensei IQ, its comprehensive PPM product.

Faced with an underperforming feedback mechanism and a backlog numbering in the hundreds, it was critical to establish a healthy customer feedback channel with rich visual context for both internal and external use.

The Solution

“Healthy customer feedback channels mean rich context and actioning feedback.”

A detailed market analysis resulted in Userback standing out as being able to deliver a thriving customer feedback channel with an extensive feature set to support Sensei’s product goals.

Sensei was able to first implement Userback using the Browser Extension as an external tool whilst transitioning away from the old tool still built into its product. This meant valuable and contextual customer input could start to come in quickly and in parallel.

The second phase saw Userback implemented into the Sensei IQ product as the central tool for collecting and managing customer feedback, integrating into Azure DevOps developer services to slot into the existing ways of working.

Sensei is now able to receive continuous input from customers about the product, to action and resolve quickly with visual context through existing workflows, and to provide transparent communication back to customers through its own Feedback Portal.

Userback has helped enable Sensei to center its product development around its users.

“The Userback team has been responsive from the start, and adds features before I can even think to raise them. We know we’ve made the right investment in Userback to support our goals.”

JP Strydom

Product Manager – Sensei Project Solutions