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Streamlining User Feedback Management: The Key to Product Success

Does your software team find it challenging to efficiently collect, assess, and action user feedback? Are you dealing with a constant barrage of bug reports, feature requests, and general comments, all pouring in through a mishmash of emails, spreadsheets, and project management apps?

If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone. Many SaaS and web application organizations share these challenges. And as you’re probably well-aware, this disjointed approach to user feedback management can lead to substantial frustration for users and product managers alike.


The Problem with Traditional Feedback Tools

Traditional productivity tools, like emails and spreadsheets, or project management apps like Trello and Jira, often result in siloed and fragmented feedback processes. For users, submitting detailed, comprehensive feedback becomes a complex task.

Product managers, on the other hand, face the uphill task of sifting through and prioritizing feedback items, while developers often end up spending an excessive amount of time trying to replicate issues to understand what’s going wrong. Clearly, a better solution is needed.


A New Dawn in User Feedback Management: Introducing Userback

Acknowledging this need, we’ve seen a surge in dedicated user feedback management platforms designed to automate and streamline the user feedback process. Among these solutions, one stands out for its simplicity, efficiency, and comprehensive features—Userback.


Why Choose Userback?

Userback’s easy-to-install in-app widget, powerful browser extension, comprehensive dashboard, and feature portal simplify and streamline the entire user feedback lifecycle from collection to closure, and the proof is in the results:

  • Userback increases the chances of product launch success by over 35%
  • Userback reduces the time required to manage user feedback by over 40%
  • Userback decreases the time required to remedy bugs and other issues by over 70%


Some of the key features of Userback for managing web application, website and other product feedback

Userback empowers you to build better web apps and websites. Capture visual user feedback and system information in real-time, and leverage these insights to optimize your product, user experience, user interface, and prioritize future features.

Flexible Deployment Options

Userback’s simple widget offers flexibility in collecting feedback. From customer-centric CSAT and CES scores to internal QA and UAT, pre-built instant widget templates are ready for your use. Moreover, the JavaScript SDK allows the customization of the feedback collection process to suit your user preferences.

First-Time Actionable Feedback

Say goodbye to incomplete, ambiguous, or subjective user feedback! With Userback, users can submit annotated screenshots, video and audio commentary, and enrich every submission with session info, including OS, browser, DPI, screen resolution, and more.

Fix Bugs and Other Issues Faster

Speed up release cycles and bug fixes with enriched feedback. Combine session replay, console logs, error logs, and session information to provide your developers with everything they need, the first time around.

Create & Validate Product Ideas

Userback’s public Feature Portal lets users create, vote, and comment on potential product ideas. You can also launch micro-surveys to test these ideas and fill your roadmap with winning propositions.

User Feedback Management

Userback brings everything together to power collaboration efforts. Add user identification to quickly assess feedback on your Kanban board, and deliver feedback to existing workflows instantly with helpful integrations.


Take Control of Your User Feedback Management with Userback

Userback is the solution you’ve been looking for to streamline your user feedback management. It’s a tool designed for you, the product managers and software teams who strive to deliver the best applications and services to your users. With Userback, you can take control of your feedback process, increase your product’s success rate and reduce the time spent managing feedback and fixing issues. Don’t let user feedback be a pain point anymore—turn it into your greatest advantage.

“Love it, use it every day!”

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