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If you want to create — and continuously improve — great products that users love, then user feedback is the lifeblood of your product development lifecycle. But how good are you at collecting, managing and resolving that feedback?

In a perfect world, when we think about feedback loops for things like bug reports, feature requests and general comments, we often imagine a neat, clean circular process with clear stages and defined open and close points for each of those stages. However, many businesses continue to rely upon disconnected tools and unstructured processes to collect, organize, prioritize and action user feedback.

For most of us, the reality can be a little bit more inconsistent and chaotic! The loop can quickly lose shape, double-back on itself and get tangled up. It becomes almost impossible to manage and action feedback from users as it starts to burden and slow down the project rather than enhance or add value. You no longer have a feedback loop, you have a User Feedback Knot

These knots slow down the product lifecycle or prevent you from building what users really need… or probably both. Precious time is spent chasing details and deciphering subjectivity in the attempt to turn information into insight and then action (even then there are no guarantees that expectations or needs will be met).

We recently spoke with five SaaS founders, product managers team leaders and developers to get their insights into what creates user feedback knots, along with their strategies for overcoming the challenges associated with capturing and resolving user feedback. To learn how you can streamline the user feedback process for your business, download our free eBook “Untangle the User feedback Knot” which covers:

  • What is a User Feedback Knot?
  • 12 Signs that you have a User Feedback Knot
  • How does a user feedback loop become knotted?
  • 4 strategies for untangling user feedback knots

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“Teams often find themselves in one of two situations: either they aren’t getting much feedback or they are getting so much feedback that they struggle to make sense of it. They don’t have clarity on what users ‘think’ versus what they ‘want’ and spend time debating it based on opinion not data.”

Karl Rumelhart • Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering @ Gainsight