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Userback Affiliate Program: Earn extra cash in 4 easy steps

Earn a 35% commission with the Userback Affiliate Program

Do you know any businesses who are struggling to collect customer feedback for bug tracking, feature requests and anything else? Over 20,000 software teams around the world have already chosen Userback to streamline their SaaS or web application development lifecycle.

Now you can earn great rewards simply be referring your contacts to Userback.

How the Userback affiliate program works

  1. Sign up for to be a Userback affiliate and receive your unique referral link through Rewardful.
  2. Promote Userback to your customers and contacts through email, video, social media and more. 
  3. When one of your contacts converts to a paid Userback plan within the 28 day conversion window, you receive 35% commission on their first 12 months of billing.
  4. Track your results in the Userback affiliate portal, powered by Rewardful.

Who can apply

The Userback affiliate program is designed for product people and tech enthusiasts including:

  • UI / UX Designers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Web Agencies
  • Tech Enthusiasts

What you get when you sign up

This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash every month, and we provide all the support you need to do that.

Competitive Commission:

35% of every referral means you could be earning some significant extra money, paid promptly each month.

Easy Promotion:

We make it easy for you to promote Userback by providing you with easy-to-customize templates and marketing materials.

Real-time Tracking:

Track your results in the Userback affiliate portal, powered by Rewardful.

Dedicated Support:

Our support team is is on hand to answer your questions or any questions that your contacts may have about Userback, how to get started and what plan is most appropriate to meet their needs.

Get started today

Sign up now to earn a recurring 35% commission on every Userback customer you uncover.