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Userback moves closer to vision of creating harmony between product teams and their users with new features and focus.

Userback, a prominent user feedback platform, has enhanced its service offerings to empower product managers and small product teams with innovative features like user segments, in-app surveys, full session replays, and advanced user tracking all in one platform.

Brisbane, March 18, 2024 – Userback, known for its visual feedback and front-end bug tracking, reaffirms its commitment to improving digital products. The focus now shifts solely to product managers and small product teams.

From today, Userback users gain the ability to split users into cohorts, create always-on feedback loops, run NPS, CSAT, CES, onboarding, churn and more insight collection points, bringing a package to market not previously attainable to any but the enterprise.

With new features tailored to SaaS like in-app surveys, full session replays, and user segments and tracking, Userback is significantly strengthening the ability to gather user insights, aiding SaaS products with clarity on user experiences. With the new UI and feature backed platform, product teams can dive deeper into their users world, gathering actionable data for product optimization. These new features seamlessly integrate, offering real-time feedback bridging the gap between users and product teams.

Existing users of the platform will continue to have access to the powerful visual feedback, collection and enrichment tools the brand was built on with classic features remaining unchanged to ensure stability amongst users as users are migrated to the modernized platform and it’s associated offering.

Aligned with user-centric innovation, Userback introduces a refreshed brand identity symbolizing dynamism and vigour for small teams scaling SaaS products. The updated visuals and brand language reflect an ambitious goal of bringing new energy and insights to small teams, who too often are under the pump to deliver lofty goals of their own.

“Our mission is to support product growth by connecting teams and users in one platform, enhancing insights, workflows, and collaboration,” shared Jon Tobin, CEO of Userback. “We aim to provide tools that empower small teams with insights in a consumable way, transforming user insights into growth opportunities. Our goal is to make product managers’ jobs easier.”

“Our mission is to support product growth by connecting teams and users in one platform, enhancing insights, workflows, and collaboration. “

The offer creates opportunities for product teams to follow the entire user lifecycle and segment users to create cohorts critical to individual business needs. Jon went on to explain “The need to have precise collection points across the journey is critical in product iteration and speed. Data offers the ability for teams to move quickly, and move smartly. That’s what we’re bringing to the market.” Jon Tobin went on to say.

Userback’s philosophy of creating harmony between product teams and their users extends into a promise to enhance their user experience and feature set further in future and provide product managers with rich, but accessible insights, all at a reduced price point in an effort to better support resource stretched SMB markets. This new direction is an evolution towards the ultimate user-centric feedback loop.

Product managers, SaaS companies, and small product teams are invited to explore the impact of these new features on their product life cycle and user satisfaction with a risk-free trial at