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Feedback Portal

Keep users in the loop and build a more engaged product community

Centralize all aspects of user feedback in one place where you can share thoughts, validate ideas, assign tasks and track progress.

Provide a beautiful home for user suggestions and build trust with transparent product development

Building trust with your customers is essential to the success of any business. Earn that trust by being transparent in your product development process. Adopt user feedback and house it neatly in a public platform outlining your development process to build trust and create a thriving community willing to assist in your future product.

See Userback's own Feedback Portal

Build with your users at the center

Public, transparent product roadmaps and feature conversations build customer loyalty and reduce support burdens and churn.

Make it your own. Make it your flow

Add custom branding, set up custom domains, and integrate with your existing workflows and tools.

Turn feedback and product development into a conversation with your users

Feedback is a two-way street. Userback’s Feedback Portal neatly houses feedback and turns submissions into conversations. Allow your user community to get involved, upvote your best user feedback suggestions and get engaged with your product beyond a monthly billing cycle. Gain valuable insights into how they use usage and perception of your product with ease.

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