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Product Roadmaps

Prioritize and plan for success with user validation

Eliminate guesswork, reduce uncertainty and make insight-led product decisions.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

"The backend system for receiving and processing feedback, including the notification system is absolutely amazing".



Create a user validated roadmap

Get the evidence to make and defend decisions

Impactful product roadmaps are built around actual user need, rather than stakeholder assumptions or the loudest voice. With Userback’s Feature Portal you can collect, assess and share user insights, opinions and suggestions to create a user-centric roadmap and to keep it on track.

Align internal teams with a consistent product roadmap

Instantly see trending, top voted features, merge and consolidate related product suggestions and more in a single, consistent view your whole team can get behind. Quiet the noise and build roadmap based on data.

Let users track progress with ease

Demonstrate your willingness to incorporate user needs into your roadmap with public (or privately) accessibly feature portal. Track feature status across the development lifecycle and communicate with active users on progress to build advocacy, create brand champions, and drive feature adoption sky high.


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