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Improve product launch success by 35%.

Validate ideas before they reach your product roadmaps.

Product roadmaps

Join over 20,000 SaaS teams building better product roadmaps with user feedback

Product roadmaps based on data.

Stop listening to loud voices and assumptions. Collect product feature ideas, and survey users to create data-based product roadmaps.

improve new product launches

Align internal teams.

Create a public Feature Portal where your entire team can monitor trends and see the top voted features from your users.

Shrink feedback management.

Centralize user feedback and easily share progress with users and your internal teams via public product roadmaps.

Manage Customer Satisfaction Score and CSAT feedback

“Ease of use, simple integrations, smart team collaboration, and a lot of use cases”

John S.


“Userback’s features provide a ton of value to our business. It makes collecting feedback super simple.”

Brian Leimone


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